The Benefit of Unified Communications

Without communication, would your business be able to function? For most, the answer is a hard No. However, a lot of businesses are still using dated means of communication or bad practices that are costing them in the long run. We’ll go over some of them:


Your business relies on email, but do you have a specific system in place that your employees have to use? There are many businesses with employees using their own email accounts or even the business as a whole using a single Yahoo! or AOL account. For some, this might be the easy way out but in reality, you are putting your business at risk. 

The solution to this problem is for every employee to have their own company email account. This helps unify the management of the accounts as well as control the data in your company. You can use services such as Microsoft Office 365 or Google G Suite – both services starting as low as $5 a month for Company Email as well as Cloud versions of apps you might use daily like Word, and Excel (Docs and Sheets for Google users).

Mobile Devices

In today’s world everyone almost everyone has a smartphone, the problem here is that not everyone has the same kind of mobile device. This should make you think about the apps you use in your business and if they are compatible with everyone’s device, or if your employees can securely access company email or documents on the go? And when they’re on the go what if they lose their phone? 

Data control should be a high priority which is an ever-growing problem in the trend of BYOD. A solution you might want to consider is having company-owned mobile devices that you can manage. However, this might not be appropriate for every business. Another suggestion is MDM or Mobile Device Management, some versions of this include a “Company App” that is password protected and allows company access via a portal. Other versions include the ability to remote wipe, blacklist apps, and restrict access to company resources during off-hours.


Traditional phone systems that most businesses use don’t work in modern businesses. With the trend being more mobile and flexible, you might want to reconsider the system you have now. Plus, you might be paying your Telephone company more than you should.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) can help transform your business by giving you more mobility. Ever missed a call because you left the office? Maybe during a Holiday? Are your employees tired of getting called on their cell phones? The good news is that with VoIP you can not only take calls out of the office, but your employees can rest easy knowing that they can have privacy with their own private extension. You can also check Voicemail online or have it send to your Email. 

Video Conferencing

Have a customer who’s hundreds of miles away? The days of driving or flying over are over. In modern business, you can still be Face-to-Face even when a million miles away thanks to video conferencing. Apps like Zoom make it easy to schedule meetings with your customers or even your team. The best part is it’s easy to set up. 

Wrapping it up

A unified communications solution would benefit your business by bringing security, control of your data, and boosts in productivity, it can also give you a competitive edge by innovating the way you do business.

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